#ADayInTheLife of…a Fashion Photographer

Ahh, fashion photography. The glitz. The glam. The flashing lights. The fame.

The idea that an amateur photographer can go the way of a Helmut Newton, an Irving Penn, or a Richard Avedon is very extremely enticing – who in his right mind wouldn’t want to be with the world’s most gorgeous models, actresses, and celebrities, and by making a good living by doing what he loves?

Everyone always assumes that the life of a fashion photographer is trendy and exciting. Although it can be both of those things, like any other careers, it requires hard work and dedication because the fact of the matter is that the success of your career rests solely on other people’s opinions of your work. Now, photographers of any kind have to have tough skin because working in a superficial industry such as fashion can be very cruel.

The good news is, fashion photography is all about creating and telling stories in a visual way. Therefore, there is no limit to your creativity. To become a successful fashion photographer, you must find comprehensive and imaginative ways to create a powerful portfolio that displays elements of drama, elegance, and mystery. If you have ever fantasized what it would be like to live in a world of fashion photography, here is what a typical day would look like for you:

In the Days Leading to the Shoot…

Days before the shoot occurs, a client will typically call to request a price quote for a fashion shoot. If the customer agrees to a reasonable price, the photographer goes ahead and schedules the shoot at a time that is expedient for both the photographer and the client. If a photographer has not discussed ideas or themes for the shoot, the discussions will happen at this stage. If the customer does not like a single idea (as it so often happens), the photographer will have to bounce more ideas around until the customer settles on acceptable strategies.

On the Day of the Shoot Itself…

On the day of the shoot, a photographer has to wake up early and prepare. Preparations involve packing all the necessary equipment and driving to the location of the shoot. A photographer must arrive early to set up accordingly. Most fashion photographers work with teams that include assistants, makeup artists, coordinators, and stylists. The photographer has to find a way to concentrate on the set up amidst the chaos of models running around and makeup and wardrobe teams trying to get every participant ready.

In the Final Summation…

As much as you may wish it, there is no typical day in fashion photography, but you can rely on the fact that mishaps or obstacles will occur and you must be prepared for them. With this in mind, there is usually a lot of pressure and tension to perform well at the location of the shoot.

After the shots are done, the photographer’s work is never done until the client is happy. Afterwards, the photographer has to find time to retouch the pictures to ensure that the customer appreciates them.

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