Designing the Perfect Instagram Shot for Your Meal

On any random day, a scroll through Instagram is likely to return pictures of not only selfies from your favorite celebrities or friends, but food as well.

It’s pretty much gone to become an art in itself – given the rather limited working space that photographers have on the medium that is Instagram, designing, plating, balancing, a well-placed, well-lit, and well-taken shot – regardless of how silly we look sometimes in trying to get THAT particular shot.

With a number of food photographers ranging from amateurs to classically trained chefs, Instagram is the best social site to go to if you are looking for recipe inspirations or if you are an upcoming photographer. To take quality pictures, you need to have the eye of a photographer because even the most delicious slice of pizza can end up looking drab and unappetizing owing to bad photography. If you want to elicit food jealousy and hunger from your followers, here are tips for taking the perfect Instagram food photo:

1. Composing Your Stage

Food photography requires a lot of creativity to enable you to come up with the best shot. You have to ask yourself what a food artist would do and find a way to design your plate in the most striking way. You can play around with your plate by experimenting with fork placement, or you can wait until the cheese on your burger starts to melt to take the picture at that particular moment. You can also make the hues on your food more vibrant by placing contrasting shades of food next to each other. Alternatively, you can arrange the ingredients artfully to transform your meal into a masterpiece.

2. The Three Fs of Proper Instagram Photography: Focus, Focus, and Focus

To avoid posting pictures of blurry burgers, you should concentrate on the meal by steadying your hand and concentrating on the part of the meal that seems the most appetizing to you. This could be the cheese melting off a burger or the layers of a piece of cake. Most Android phones have a grid system that helps you line up your shot.

3. Use Natural Light

For a quality food photo, you have to know how to light your food. Natural lighting, in particular, is the best, and because it is soft, it will give your picture the best nuances. If you find yourself in a poorly lit or dark restaurant, do not use a flash as it will rid your subjects of any pop of color or significant features. If you cannot find any sunlight, use as much of the available light as possible and use shadow to make your food appealing. Remember to play around with your picture moving your subject in various locations to determine the best lighting.

4. Backgrounds and Props

By using crafty plates with colorful designs and rare vintage plates, you can make the shot more appealing. As you hone your technique, you will begin to notice which props work best and with time, you will be able to style your shots effortlessly.

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