Photography And Woodworking – A Marriage Carved In Heaven

At one time, photography wasn’t even seen as an artform. Today, there are countless displays of photographic works all around the world in well-respected galleries and museums. Yes, the world of photography has come a long way over the last century and a half. Now, there is an increasing trend for pairing photography with other artforms to create even more fascinating and involved exhibitions.

Several artists in recent years have been dedicating themselves to pursuing their twin passions of woodwork and photography, showcasing their woodwork pieces with their own photographic expertise to create art with a dual purpose. There are now exhibitions dedicated to this exciting new form of twin art, and the future is looking bright for those artists who want to marry together both of their artistic loves.

So, let’s take a look at some of the artists and photographers who are exploiting this new trend.

The Woodworkers Collective At The Artists’ Gallery

Recently, the Artists’ Gallery of Ellicott City in Maryland hosted a show which paid tribute to the splendor of natural wood and wildlife. The “Nature Made: Photography And Woodwork” exhibition featured photographs by Joan Forester paired with woodwork pieces created by three local woodworkers. While Forester’s photography focused on stunning African wildlife images from her safari in Tanzania, the woodworkers displayed their own naturally themed wooden boxes and turned objects made from local hardwoods featuring unique grains. Their objects highlight the trees’ natural beauty, telling the individual story of each piece of wood through its natural age rings. Through this natural pairing of wood and nature photography, the Woodworkers’ Collective help the public to recognize the beauty of the natural world.

Cole Nyquist – A Self-Taught Photographer And Woodworker

Cole Nyquist is a Minnosota-born woodworker and photographer who blends his passions to create an exciting and artistic website that celebrates both of his arts in fine form.

Nyquist is especially fascinating as an artist for two reasons. Firstly, he mostly taught himself both of his art forms. Secondly, he is also partially colorblind, which makes his skill even more phenomenal. After studying Medieval Norse and Viking Studies in Norway and Iceland, he is a seasoned traveler, and much of his work stems from his exploration of the world.

A visit to his fascinating website reveals his spectacular photographs of his own beautifully carved woodworks which are available for sale in galleries close to his home. Many of his pieces embrace his love of Nordic heritage and culture, while others are inspired by his home state. His work includes everything from tables to serving boards, which have all been captured in true artistic style through his photographic genius.

Markus Seidling

Another photographer who chooses to blend his passion for woodwork with his love of photography is Markus Seidling, a German artist who produces unique art objects and furnishings from wood and who then takes photographs of his own products as well as the natural environment. A visit to his website showcases his own stunning woodwork projects as well as many natural scenes from his home town.

Following The Photography/Woodwork Trend

It’s only natural to consider blending two artforms into one exciting work. If you already have a passion for woodwork, you may never have considered taking photographs of your pieces and exhibiting them, however as you can see, many other artists have followed this course and have seen considerable success.

Whether your woodworking interests have taken you down a practical route of designing furnishings and household items or whether it has a more sculptural focus, there is artistic merit in them which can only be extolled further through photography.

If you’ve never considered pursuing woodwork alongside your photography hobby, this could be the perfect excuse you’ve been looking for.

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